Friday, September 30, 2011

We Grew Up Here!

That's right, we grew up right here in Goffstown ourselves and now we are raising our own families here!  E and I have been friends since the seventh grade at good ol' Mountain View and we came out the other side with husbands and kiddos of our own. 

Growing Up Goffstown is a place where you can find current activities in the area to do with your families.  We are adding to it everyday, so stop by here everyday to plan for your after school activites, home school activities, little kiddo activities, and last but not least, weekend activities!  In addition to our calendar to the right, we will post fun activities to do with your families, as well as review parks, trails, activity centers and more, and give healthy, kid friendly recipes, book reviews and other fun stuff.  We hope you have fun here and see how much this great town has to offer!  And hec, we'll even throw in some memories of our own of growing up in Goffstown.

When we grew up, you could walk home from Maple Ave on your own, and get a candy bar at Cumby's for 50 cents.  Times have changed, but Goffstown is still a great place to grow up!  Welcome to Growing Up Goffstown!

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